When thought and substance were


They beat within a single mind

Yet who would doubt their power to see

The birth of their great entropy?

Who, the thinkers of the past?

To try and understand at last?

There are not many things but one

The silver moon is the sun

What the land and what the sea

Heaven and earth and you and me?

What the pledge from long ago

And all that we can ever know?

Ask within her numinous

creation of this universe

What the glory, what the pain

To live within a single brain

Did she who made the stars make me?

Acrylic on canvas

73 x 60 x 2 cm




I thought I stood on an empty beach

Where a mighty beast did arise

Blinded by its blazing reach

It burned, behind my eyes

And through storm and broken sea

Bright shone its lonely light

Calling friends where e're they be

To stay away that night

Acrylic on canvas

90 x 60 x 5 cm



Of broken stone assembled

I used to wonder why

Its broken pledge resembled

A journey to the sky


But metal bar and twisting stair

Brick and broken stone

Twas not made for those ascending

But for those who journey home

Acrylic on canvas

75 x 60 x 2.5 cm




Of ancient lineage and histories


By gated meadow, it stands alone

In darkness; darkness hides within

It Breathes.

It Waits.

Black Tree


Acrylic on canvas

75 x 60 x 2.5 cm



Fall the leaves of summer

Like ghosts beneath your feet

Fall the fruit of labour's lover

Like death, the winter’s treat

Acrylic on canvas

75 x 60 x 2.5 cm



By starlight magic words are taught

By starlight’s silvered beam

By nature's hand, of golden thought                      

By starlight in a dream

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 2 cm



If in death we find peace

Why must we fight to survive

Lift up your eyes

Still your trembling heart

And walk softly into the light

Acrylic on canvas

75 x 60 x 2.5 cm



When I was young I looked beyond the

things that I could see

I dreamt that I could touch the sky and like

the birds be free;


Yes, free of all the things, my earthbound

life, could, ever, be!


I heard the music of distant songs that

I had never known

They played from deep within my thoughts

and played for me alone and danced;

within my new young heart,

but now, that I, am, grown?


I remember how it was before, to know

but not the whys

To look up up, for a hero, you know the

one that flies;


But now my race is nearly run

“sorry mate your time is done”

Through days of darkness, days of clover.

I think these things over and over.

But no peace can I seem to find.

No rest with in my troubled mind:

And yet it’s peace, that waits for me!

To lift me up and set, me, free

Peace that I have already seen!

Seen through eyes of a child.

Acrylic on canvas

90 x 60 x 1.5 cm




Once where magic used to play

and dance upon this land

Twas in this place, in distant day

Ancient Red would stand.

From centuries past, like a force for good

behold this stately home

Lost in time, in this old beech wood

The castle. She stands alone.

Acrylic on canvas. 

80 x 60 x 5 cm




He dips his head in fascination
At the simple plant below
And reaches out with such reverence
But why I’ll never know

“It’s Cow Parsley,” I think, is what I say
“You hold within your hand.”
He turns suprised and looks at me
He doesn’t understand

I look deep within his eyes
For recognition I seek
But he’s lost his mind and joined with those
Those that cannot speak

Does he see new beauty?
Through his ageing eyes
Does he see the truth of things?
Now in his world without lies

He offers it to the sunset
Before the fading light
My Father now stands happy
Before the coming of the night.


Acrylic on canvas.

73 x 60 x 2 cm




Sits the man against the pier

For another day, another year

And thinks of things now long since past

And wonders, if like him will last,

The bridge with all its bustling crowds

Of truck and tram and funeral shrouds

Of wheel and foot and ironclad hoof

That beat upon his vaulted roof -

Or wonders, could it come to pass

Like a grain, within an hourglass

With little thought of honour owed

A last traveller; could one day -

walk, that, road?

And then with glory days forgotten

Bereft of purpose, foundations rotten

The bridge somehow in spite of all

Like him, could simply break, and, fall

Acrylic on canvas

75 x 60 x 2.5 cm



Remember when you walked with me,

And spoke of things long past

Of journeys to an ancient lee

Before our die was cast

See again that redolent place

An elixir for the soul

And feel again my warm embrace

Back from when we were whole

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 5 cm



Once whilst in a meadow

Bathed by a golden sun

One life given meaning

Another life begun

See the cornfields swaying

Like waves upon the sea

As I look down upon the place

Where she first came to me

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 40 x 2 cm




The misty calm of summer's dawn

The harbinger of day reborn

Forgets the things that didn't last

And all of yesterdays now past

With little thought for nature's pain

Lift up your heads all that remain

To face another summer's morn'

The harbinger of day reborn


Acrylic on canvas.

76 x 50 x 2 cm



I walk in a forest that's lost in a dream

To stare back at memories of things unseen

Closing tired eyes I lay down my head

And sleep with the peace

of the good and the dead

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 2 cm



Summer fades in vibrant blaze

Of autumn hues as soon the days

Will yield to winter's boisterous sway

And chestnut colours, all  blown away

Endure alone in memories

Memories of the fall

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 40 x 2 cm




In the face of a great onslaught You can count them by the mile

All the giants of the forest Standing strong in rank and file

With a battle to be fought

and their duty to perform

They wait in grim defiance of Their nemesis, the storm


Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 2cm



If I walked in to a wood

Raised up my arms and there I stood

To see how it would seem to me

If I instead were born a tree


Would I dream of rising sun

And drop my leaves when summer's done

And wash myself in gentile rain

To never to know of fear or pain


With mellow earth around my feet

And simple breath of life so sweet

I’d see the drama of night’s storm

Then feel the light of days reborn


And stand while empires rise and fall

To watch the fleeting lives of all

Of those who sat beneath my shade

Or made love, within my peaceful glade


Perhaps one day they’d cut me down

And then perhaps they’d hear the sound

Of old bones break against the ground

And see my glory all uncrowned


But then would those who did the deed

Dip their heads to see me bleed

And think of the great history

That had once lived inside of me


The thousand years that I had grown

Now etched within my cypress bone

That beat within my deep heartwood

Would what I was, be understood?


How I wonder; would it seem to me

If I somehow, had been born a tree

Acrylic on board

This painting needs to be framed before hanging

60 x 45 cm



“As you now survey your great empire

 Could I oh so sheepishly enquire?

 How is it that it came to be

 That you are master of all you see”


“This ‘ere kingdom is my home

  And this is all I’ve ever known

  No future nor past exists for me

  Happy now is what I be


  See my followers see how they run

  All so loyal to me bar none

  I dip my head to eat my fill

  Then stand so proud atop my hill”


 “You know sometimes I envy you sheep

  You don’t know that you cannot keep

  The things around that you think you own

  They’re really things that are just on loan”


“I however know all must pass

 My body will one day feed the grass

 And then no part of me will remain

 Still; I suppose I mutton complain”


Acrylic on canvas

60 x 50 x 2 cm



In every age a 5th season arrives

Where spells are cast to change the lives

Of all within that 13th month

Who live to see that day

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 40 x 2 cm



Speak to me again dear Ralph

Your voice so bright and clear

Let me hear your name ring out through fields

And forests far and near


Run with me and chase for me

The ones you could not catch

Then lie down by the fire with me

And have a damn good scratch


Let me look in to your eyes

And see your thoughts unsaid

Then feel the weight of your old body

Sleeping upon my bed


Forget for me the sadness

Of your eyes once dulled by pain

Forgive me our last journey Ralph

And walk with me again

Acrylic on canvas

81 x 60 x 1.5 cm




Rain from the trees

Blood from the skies

A holy leader

Lord of the lies

Burning ribbons

In pigtailed hair

A broken woman

A life laid bare

Melted honey

Slips from the pot

From teachers bed

The hunter is shot

Acrylic on canvas

55 x 45 x 2cm



He clasps the crag with crooked hands;

Close to the sun in lonely lands,

Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.


The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;

He watches from his mountain walls,

And like a thunderbolt he falls.

By Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Watercolour and pencil on paper.

Sold mounted and framed

68 x 48 cm



Stand in the forest of the night

And wait for the milk of natures light

Drink silver wine from earth's sweet breast

And reach for the glory of the sky

Acrylic on canvas

72.5 x 60 x 1.5 cm



Ineffable, magnificent,

master of the sea

Old Tortuga mother

floating close to me

Rest now from your journey

traversing this great sphere

Allow me just this moment

now that your are near

Three thousand miles behind you,

Still two more to your prize

Like an ark of life,

burdened with an ancient oath forsworn

To rest an aching body

on the beach where you were born

Acrylic on paper

Sold mounted and framed

71 x 49 cm







I see them now the children

as they sit beneath your shade

And forget for now just briefly

the price that they have paid

For them no loss of innocence

as they all marched to war

For me now just the memory

of how they were before

Across the fields of honor

they ran in human waves

Then in search of safety

they dug in their own graves

Or spilled the precious blood

that their precious mothers gave them

On cobble stones like broken bones

or the hearts of those that made them

Perhaps some old farmer

once caught and then forgave them

Stealing apples from his orchard

might he be last could name them?

Or could pictured in a clutched at image

of a son or daughter

Be the very last of us to regret

the First World Slaughter?

Remember now the children

that once sat beneath your shade

As we forget forever

the price that they have paid

Acrylic on canvas

73 x 60 x 2 cm




Here’s where mighty Halo hides

the magic of the sky

Calling in a voice

that one day never meets the eye

He casts a great big shadow

that soon none will ever hear.

And although you can’t now feel

him you can feel when he is near


So if you look much closer

you can see he calls to you

And feel the things he never says

are absolutely true

And if you listen carefully

you’ll see just what I mean

Here within his little castle

that’s where Halo’s never been.

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 2 cm




Dappled light reflected in the lake within my room

Holds me quite transfixed before I turn to face the gloom

Of another rainy day before I brace and stand up tall

But before I go I glance again, at the picture on my wall


Then within a memory of a dream of distant lands

I stand within the lake and hold its water in my hands

Swim from all pain of every sadness I have known

Happy now within the picture hung within my home

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 4 cm



See milk carton buildings stand against a council sky,

graffitied walls, empty cans and wonder, wonder why?

Hear the angry voices, that demand to share your air

with all that's left of last night's beer, pungent with despair.

Know that I'm the mad man that smiles upon the bench

Lost in memory of long before, before this great amenity

there was a bridge and a stream and a child in a park

and if I close my eyes I see it, all there in the dark.

Hear again the songs that the birds once used to sing

and feel again the breath of life, now fresh in newborn spring.

Bathe again in the fragrance of a thousand tended blooms

and forget for now the ugliness of a hundred vertical rooms.

Know that I'm the mad man that smiles upon the bench

Safe now that I'm back again, back in my serenity.

Acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 x 4.5 cm



We searched within the heavens

For life amongst the stars

We hoped to find the aliens

Hiding somewhere out on Mars

But as we dip sad eyes because

None were ever found

Perhaps we should look closer,

A little closer to the ground

Acrylic on canvas

60 x 50 x 2cm




Stand in the forest of the night

And wait for the milk of natures light

Drink silver wine from earth's sweet breast

And reach for the glory of the sky

Acrylic on canvas

55.5 x 46 x 1.5 cm



Deep within the darkness of a

summer's day you strained with

burning tendons in dusty air

and toiled for the warmth of

another's hearth, yet still now;

you rest.

Dry now the blood from within

your veins, silent now the cries

of your last voice.

May your souls so deep from

beneath this place, rise up;

like the doves of Mynydd Mawr!

Acrylic on canvas

73 x 60 x 1.5 cm



Golden grains of harvest gold

Survived the raging storm

Now the Autumn sun appears

To warm the chilly morn

Acrylic on canvas



I found a special place to stand

At the limit of sea and sand

With all my thoughts like a single grain

Lost, not worthy of joy nor pain

And every sadness inside of me

Washed away by the sea

Acrylic on canvas

73 x 60 x 1.5 cm



Back when all was black and white

And all flashed by in flickering light

Who saw the hue before the war

Of all the things that went before?

The kids that once lived on our block

The tower that once stood on that rock

All the colours there must have been

And beauty ancient eyes have seen.

Acrylic on canvas

60 x 50 x 2 cm




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